5 Questions To Ask Before Buying The Right Fire Pit For Your Backyard

There is nothing quite as inviting on a chilly summer of fall evening than the crackle of a warm and glowing fire. Fire pits are an awesome alternative to building a fire on the ground, because they keep the fire well-contained and keep your yard free from burnt debris. While there are thousands of different types of fire pits to choose from online, not every fire pit will be the right fit for the right use. Before you settle on a specific type of fire pit to enjoy on your property, there are a few pertinent questions you should ask yourself. 

1. Will there be children around while you use the fire pit?

If you know there will be kids around while using your fire pit, it is best to go with one of the more child-friendly designs. While all fire in use should involve adult supervision for safety purposes, there are some models that pose less of a threat to little ones. For example, a fire pit that is a little taller prevents a youngster from accidentally tripping over the edge and falling into the hot embers. 

2. Will the fire pit be used to entertain guests?

If you will be using your fire pit to entertain guests, it is a good idea to check out some of the designs that double as a table. These fire pit tables have a recessed pit in the center for the fire and a table that surrounds the space. When the fire pit is not in use, you can use the entire piece as a table because fire pit tables usually have a cover that situates over the recessed center.

3. Do you live in an area where there is a lot of rain?

If your fire pit will be parked in an open area, moisture from rain is something that should be considered. After all, trying to build a fire or start a propane-powered flame in a wet space can prove to be a challenge. The good thing is a lot of fire pits actually come with a lid that completely covers the fire pit when it is not in use. 

4. Are you comfortable with gathering wood and getting rid of ashes?

Fire pits can be powered in the traditional way with wood, but they can also operate with the use of a fuel source like propane. Propane-powered fire pits are an excellent choice if you would prefer a clean-burning fire pit because they basically involve no maintenance. On the other hand, burning wood will mean things like gathering wood for burning and cleaning out ashes. However, some people prefer the natural smell of burning wood and obtaining wood is relatively inexpensive. Contact a company like David Cooke Industries for more information.