Time For New Shutters? Do Something Clever And Cool With The Old Ones

If new shutters are in your home's future, do something clever and useful with the old wood shutters. Remove the hardware and re-purpose the shutter in ways that can be displayed around your home.

Some cool ways to reuse and recycle your old shutters are:

Storage ideas. Make a cute corner-cubby using two old wood shutters and by connecting them at a 90-degree angle with brackets or hardware. This should allow the unit to stand upright and fit in a corner of your room; measure and cut plywood or scrap wood to make shelves for the corner unit.

Closet convenience. Mount coat hooks along the length of the shutter to hang in your closet and provide a little extra convenience. Depending on the size of your closet, you can mount these horizontally to accommodate many coats and clothing items.

Clever organizers. Make yourself a kitschy little kitchen organizer using one wood shutter and a few materials out of your craft closet. Paint the shutter to match your kitchen colors and add hooks on the back so that it can be hung vertically on a wall. Use the slats for letters and papers, secure pockets, or add features that you might need in your kitchen.

Rustic headboards. A few old, wood shutters can make a beautiful head-board for your bed. Secure the shutters together so that they stand and form the headboard; mount to the wall behind your bed at the height that you like best. Consider staining or painting before hanging your headboard or leave plain for a rustic accent.

Sophisticated screens. You probably know that shutters make a clever screen for a dressing room, but did you think about using one for your patio? These can be secured to a wall or fixture outside so that you can hang plants from the vertical shutters.

Conversational table-tops. Secure a single shutter with legs that are the height you desire for a library table, which is taller, or a cocktail table, which requires short legs. Add casters for a table that can be easily moved and utilized.

Wall art. Got a lot of shutters? Create a focal wall in the home by hanging shutters of all sizes, shapes, and colors on a single wall. It helps to measure and sketch out the design plan first.

Is it time for you to invest in new shutters? Go ahead, but make sure to save the old wooden shutters for these clever and simple recycling ideas. If you don't have old shutters to recycle, visit home improvement retailers or salvage dealers to find wood shutters that are perfect for these projects. For more information, contact local professionals like Carefree Coverings.