What To Look For In A Pillow

Did you know that you can greatly improve your quality of health, get better sleep, and even look younger just by choosing the right pillow? There are many custom pillows on the market today that offer neck and jaw support and have special features to make you feel more rested when you wake up in the morning. If you think a pillow is just a pillow, then compare many different brands together and see just what pillows on the market today can offer you what your current one may not be. Here are some things you should look for in a new pillow.

Anti-aging benefits

As you sleep night after night on one side of your face, your skin can actually wrinkle over time as a result. Choose a pillow that keeps your head rested off of its surface as much as possible so gravity and the pressure of your sleeping patterns don't take a toll on your face. These pillows are often designed for both travel and home use and come in unique shapes to support your head, neck and shoulders without causing your face to suffer.

Neck support

If your pillow is too flat, it can cause your neck to sink into the bed while you sleep. If your pillow is too full, your neck is placed in an awkward upward position all night long. You want to pick a pillow that meets your comfort needs while supporting your neck in as natural a position as possible for an amazing night's rest. A custom-fit pillow that contours to fit the shape of your head and shoulders can help your neck feel much better. If you experience jaw pain at night, a neck support pillow can help here as well.


You want to choose a pillow that is made of comfortable, durable material. Some gel-topped pillows are designed to be cool at night for a more relaxing sleep, while others are designed to be breathable to prevent nightly sweating and irritation to your face. Soft materials such as bamboo and cotton are popular choices for people wanting a pillow based strictly on comfort for restful sleeping.

Your current pillow may not be meeting your needs, especially if you wake up sore and tired every morning. This small investment can improve your health and help you get the rest you need so you can tackle each new day more fully.