Create Fabric-Covered Coasters That Have A Personalized Appearance

If you have extra fabric left over from a sewing project and would like to make a homemade item that can be used each time that you serve beverages, create fabric-covered coasters with the following craft materials and steps. Afterward, adorn the coasters with photographs to provide the finished items with a personalized appearance:


  • cork sheet
  • cutting board
  • template
  • marker
  • utility knife
  • measuring tape
  • fabric
  • scissors
  • craft glue
  • lace trim
  • photographs
  • paintbrush (narrow width)
  • wooden stirrer
  • clear glaze

Cut Cork Pieces And Attach Fabric

Lay a cork sheet on top of a cutting board. Place a square, rectangle, or circle-shaped template on top of the cork material. Use a marker to trace the template. Move the template to other parts of the board and trace the template each time. Use a utility knife to cut the traced outlines. Measure and cut pieces of fabric that are the same size as one side of each cork piece. Use a narrow paintbrush to apply a coat of craft glue to the backside of one of the fabric pieces.

Line the fabric evenly over the cork and press the two pieces together. Cut fabric pieces to cover the remaining cork pieces and secure them to the cork by completing the same steps. Wait plenty of time for the craft glue to dry. If you would like the coasters to have a fancy border surrounding them, cut pieces of lace trim and glue the trim around each coaster. 

Personalize The Coasters And Apply Glaze

Select photographs that you would like to secure to the coasters. If you do not wish to use real photographs, but would still like to add a picture to each coaster, cut pictures from magazines or print pictures from a website. After trimming the pictures so that they will each fit on top of one of the coasters, use a clean paintbrush to apply a coat of craft glue to the backside of each picture. Place one picture in the center of each coaster. Press the pictures against the fabric until they adhere.

After the craft glue has dried, open a can of clear glaze. Stir the glaze for a couple minutes. Apply glaze to a paintbrush and move the paintbrush in straight lines across the front of each coaster. After the glaze has dried, add a second coat to provide the coasters with a shiny appearance and to prevent the pictures from loosening from the coasters. 

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