Stop Energy From Going Out Of Your Home: 3 Simple And Affordable Insulation Improvements To Improve Energy Efficiency

The air leaks in your home are what cause you to lose energy, and improvements to windows, attics, and walls help to cut these losses. While replacement windows and other improvements are costly, adding insulation to your home where it is needed is a simple and affordable project to help you save energy. Where are the best places to add insulation in your home? Here are a few areas that will give you the most energy savings by simply adding insulation:

Seal Up the Drafts That Come from Windows, Doors, and Cracks

The drafts in your home cause heat loss and gain during different times of the year. One of the causes of drafts in homes is the lack of seals around windows and doors. Check all windows and doors to make sure they have weather stripping that is not damaged. In addition, make sure that there is insulation in openings between window casings and the wood framing of openings. In addition, using curtains with backing can also help to reduce drafts and energy loss in your home.

Insulating Unfinished Space and Encapsulation for Homes with Crawl Spaces

The modern home often has a lot of unfinished space. Homes may be built on basements, crawl spaces or have bonus rooms and garages. This unfinished space is often where a lot of energy is lost. Make sure that there is sufficient insulation separating finished and unfinished spaces. For crawlspaces and unfinished basement, encapsulation will help to keep drafts out of your home and reduce energy loss.

Improving the Insulation in Your Attic and Energy Loss In Your Home

The attic of your home is another area where a lot of energy gets lost. During the winter months, heat that goes to the attic can also cause ice dams, leading to roof damage problems. It is important to ensure your attic has sufficient insulation to keep heat in your home. If you have only a thin layer of batten insulation, contact an insulation contractor and talk with them about blown insulation to provide a better thermal barrier and reduce heat loss.

The poor insulation of homes causes a lot of energy loss that is easy to stop. If you want an affordable solution to make your home more energy efficient, contact an insulation contractor and talk with them about adding insulation to your attic and other areas where it is needed. Talk with them about options like blown insulation for the attic or encapsulating a crawl space to reduce energy loss. 

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