Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind: Windows That Should Be Checked And Replaced And Why

As an infant, you have this developmental milestone where you realize that just because you do not see a toy behind something, does not mean it is not there. Unfortunately, for many adults, this is something that is still present, because many garage windows and attic windows are forgotten. Since these windows are not typically in one's sight every day, they are often "out of sight, out of mind." However, you should check these windows often and replace them. Here is why.

Attic Windows Are Ports of Entry for Pests

Because you do not go into your attic often, rodents and bugs have a safe dwelling there. They can get in through cracks around the attic windows, or through holes in the glass. This also includes flying creatures, such as bats and birds, who will take up residence in your attic, and then you have a ton of feces and urine rotting out the floor of the attic and the ceiling of the next story of your house beneath that. If you cannot afford to replace attic windows, seal them to keep out pests and critters.

Attic Windows Leak 

All that hot air and heating efficiency you are trying to create for your home seeps right out the old windows in the attic. Cold drafts enter as the hot air leaks out. Your energy bills climb as a result. Replacing old attic windows prevents this from happening. Sealing the attic windows is only a temporary solution where escaped heat is concerned.

Garage Windows Are Often Broken and No One Notices

How often do you look at or out of your garage windows? Most people rarely give these windows a second thought. In fact, until there is obvious theft or vandalism, no one really looks at their garage windows. It is important to check these windows at least once a month to make sure they have not been smashed by a stray ball, or an intruder that may have taken something you have not noticed is gone. 

Open or Damaged Garage Windows Are Invitations to Pests

Like your attic windows, open or damaged garage windows are open invitations to pests. Despite the fact that you enter and leave your garage with a little more frequency than you do with your attic, voles, mice, rats, and bats will all come inside to nest and roost. Rodents will look for garden and flower seeds, flower bulbs, and bird seed as food. Rodents will also chew on rubber tires to use as bedding, causing damage to your tires.

Bats will look for a place to sleep during the day, mate, and a warm substitute for their winter cave. The feces and urine they leave behind are major health hazards, and can seriously damage the paint job on your car. In addition to these issues, bats are legally protected, which means you cannot get pest control services to remove them. If they get into your garage, you are stuck with them, and all because they found an open or damaged window before you did.

It Does Not Take Much to Replace These Windows

It does not take much effort to do regular checks on these windows. A few seconds to make sure they are closed up tight and do not have any damage is all it takes. If you find that you need to replace one or more attic or garage windows, you can usually find the correct size window at a home improvement store. If you have attic or garage windows of an unusual size or shape, then you can consult with a window and door contractor to special order the right size windows that you need.