Creating An Antique-Inspired Look For Your Patio Or Porch

If you love all things vintage, giving your patio or porch an antique-style remodel can be just the thing to create a stunning look for the exterior of your home. Here are a few touches to consider when upgrading your patio or porch.

Gothic-Style Lights

Antique Gothic-style lights recall the beauty of days gone by, whether you want to create a vintage London-chic look or you're going for a classic Gothic design theme. Consider ornate wall lanterns to adorn each side of the door leading to your patio, and opt for an outdoor chandelier to hang from the center of your porch or patio roof. Look for designs featuring wrought-iron construction and seed glass shades for an authentic look. Some designs feature frosted shades that emit a soft glow, while others mimic the look of gaslights for a truly vintage vibe.

Wrought Iron Seating

Wrought iron seating and tables channel the look of the Victorian era, and they coordinate beautifully with Gothic-style lights. Choose a round bistro table with seating for two as a smart addition to a small patio, or opt for garden benches to create spacious seating options on a large veranda-style patio. If you use the outdoor space for dinner parties, you can opt for a wrought-iron dining room set with a glass top to create a sophisticated look for al fresco dining.

Lush Ferns

Ferns provide a perfect accent for vintage Victorian and gothic design themes. Place large ferns in pots on the floor to bring greenery to the corners, and hang potted ferns from the ceiling for an added touch. If you prefer not to take care of living plants, you can opt for silk ferns as a more durable, low-maintenance option. For a bit of color, consider adding silk or live flowers throughout the porch or patio.

Plush Accents

Creating a luxurious vintage look is easy when you select the right accessories. For wrought-iron seating, add plush seat cushions that provide more comfort during meals. Add velvet throw pillows to benches and side chairs, and consider adding a luxurious oriental rug to the center of the space to tie the decor theme together. You can find indoor/outdoor rugs in traditional oriental patterns, and seat cushions come in a variety of weatherproof materials.

When combined, these lighting, seating, and decor ideas create a stunning look that brings back the beauty of vintage style. Use these ideas to inspire you, and transform your porch or patio into a luxurious space for lounging or entertaining.