Tree Care Services To Consider This Spring

As a homeowner, the change of the seasons means that you have a great deal to do in and around your home. In the Spring, much of your efforts revolve around getting your landscaping and your yard ready for the Summer months. If you are trying to make your yard ready for Spring, one of the things you should consider is tree care services. There are many ways that you need to tend to your trees in the Spring. Get to know some of the tree care services you should seek out this Spring. Then, you can be sure you are doing what is right for your landscaping and yard. 

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Once your trees start to blossom and you notice buds and little green leaves popping up, you will be able to see where your tree might have some health issues. If any of the branches on your trees are not greening out, you may have a dead branch on your hands. 

You will want to have your tree with dead branches trimmed and pruned. A dead branch is dangerous to your tree as the health problem that caused it to die could spread to the rest of the tree. It can also be a hazard to you and your home as it can break off and fall on people or on objects in your yard. 

Getting your trees trimmed and pruned can also help shape them and keep the branches from scraping or hitting against your roof. This will help to keep your roof in good shape and will keep your trees looking nice and shapely. 

Tree Removal Services

Sometimes, the Winter months can be extremely harsh on your trees. The extreme cold, strong winds, and other harsh conditions can cause a tree to not only sustain damage but even die entirely. If you have a tree that does not begin to show signs of life in the Spring, you may have a tree that died over the Winter. 

When you are looking for dead trees in your yard, you can tell in a few ways. You can observe whether or not any leaves or buds appear. You can also check the health of your tree by scraping away the bark on one of the branches. If you notice any green flesh on the tree, it is alive and may benefit from tree care services to revitalize the tree. If not, though, having your tree removed as soon as possible is the best course of action. This can prevent the tree from falling and damaging your other landscaping elements or on your home. 

Now that you know some of the tree care services to consider this Spring, you can contact a tree care company like Mark Crane's Tree & Arborist Services to help you get your yard up and running for Summer.