Need A New Farmhouse Sink? 4 Benefits OF Choosing A Copper Sink

If you live in a farmhouse and need a new sink, a copper sink would work well for you. If you do not know much about copper sinks, then read below to learn about the four benefits of choosing this type. You can then make a decision on whether you would like to install this in your kitchen.

Looks Beautiful

Copper is a beautiful reddish-brown color that is even more attractive when compared to steel or porcelain. This can add to the beauty of your kitchen, especially if you use copper in other areas. Because of the color, copper looks especially great in a farmhouse type setting, but  it can also be used in a more modern home. You will find the copper color is close to the same in every sink you look at even though there may be slight variations.

Easy to Care For

Copper is not hard to care for when you learn how to do so properly. For example, if you put hot pots in the sink, it can damage the copper. Pouring something acidic in the sink can cause the copper to change colors. Acidic items would be things like orange juice, tomato juice, etc. If you want to pour something like this down the drain, you need to run the water at the same time you are pouring the juice into the drain.

Besides these two things, you only have to clean the sink with mild soap and water. Purchase a copper cleaner and use this on your sink approximately once a month or so.

Is Hard to Stain

Some sink materials will stain if something with dye in it is poured into the sink. With copper, you will not have to worry about this. If you pour a lot of acidic juice in the sink on a regular basis, even if you run the water at the same time, this can lower the copper's tolerance to staining, however.

If you do get a stain on the copper sink, you can find cleaners that are made to clean this so you can get your sink looking like new again.

Kills Bacteria

One of the main benefits of copper is it kills bacteria that may get into the sink. This keeps the sink free from harmful agents, as well as much more sanitary. You should know, however, that if you ever decide to seal your copper sink it will take away from the antibacterial properties.

Fighting bacteria also means you will not have to worry about using harsh chemicals, such as bleach, in the sink to sanitize it.

Talk with a company that sells copper sinks to learn much more about them.