3 Benefits Of Installing A Gas Insert In Your Home's Fireplace

A fireplace is a great feature in a home, especially when you want to relax in a warm and cozy atmosphere during the cold winter months. If you have a fireplace in your home, you may want to seriously consider having  a gas insert installed. A gas insert is placed in the fireplace and connected to a gas line, making it possible to ignite your fireplace with a flip of a switch. Gas inserts have become increasingly popular, and more and more homeowners are opting for gas inserts instead of using their fireplaces to burn wood. Having a gas insert installed in your fireplace has a number of benefits, such as:


A gas insert makes using your fireplace so much easier, especially if you use it on a daily basis during the winter months. With a gas insert, you never have to worry about buying firewood or having kindling on hand to get the fire started. Once you flip the switch to your gas insert, your fireplace will ignite and stay lit until you turn it off. This means whether you want to enjoy a fire in the fireplace for an hour or for the whole evening, the timing is in your control.


Anyone who has regularly burned firewood in a fireplace knows that it can be quite messy. When you rely on firewood as the heating source for the fires in your fireplace, you then have to deal with cleaning up all of the ash when the fire burns out. Cleaning up a fireplace full of ash can be a time consuming and dirty process, which can take a lot of enjoyment out of enjoying a fire in your fireplace. In addition, burning wood in your fireplace also makes it necessary to arrange for chimney cleaning services to remove any soot that has built up. After a gas insert is installed in your fireplace, you'll never have to worry about cleanup again, since a gas fire is mess-free.


Unlike burning wood in your fireplace, a gas insert does not create large amounts of smoke or any other types of pollutants that flow up the chimney and out into the air. Thus, having a gas insert installed in your fireplace is a wise choice if you care about the environment and your household's carbon footprint. When you use gas to power your fireplace throughout the cold months, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that you're being eco-friendly. 

For more information on installing a gas insert to your fireplace, contact a fireplace company, such as Nordic Stove and Fireplace Center.