More Than Just A Concrete Slab: Creative Ways To Unleash The Potential Of Your Patio

If your patio is little more than a slab of concrete, you're not alone. It's not uncommon for patios to contain an outdoor chair or two, perhaps a small table, and maybe a grill. However, your patio has the potential to be so much more. From gardening to entertaining or simply relaxing, your patio can be a useful extension of your home.

Entertaining potential

If you enjoy inviting people to your home for parties or dinner, you should design your patio around an entertaining theme. If your patio is small, you may want to consider having it enlarged to accommodate some additional fun elements. You should also consider adding a roof for rainy-day entertaining if your patio is currently uncovered.

A fire pit, fireplace, and bistro bar are a few elements that will transform your patio into a fun and relaxing entertaining hub. Installing waterproof speakers will make listening to music as easy as connecting to your favorite playlist on your phone. Comfortable seating is a must for entertaining.

Gardening potential

Turn your patio into a lush garden by using pots or other containers to grow all your favorite vegetables and flowers right outside your door. You don't need a big patio to produce a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits. Look for container friendly varieties of plants at any local garden center.

Consider vertical gardening to make the most of a small patio. Shepherds hooks placed around your patio can hold hanging baskets of flowers, strawberries, or tomato plants. Add a small cabinet to use as potting station and to store items such as fertilizer, gardening tools, and potting soil.

Personal paradise

If your idea of a fun weekend means relaxing with a good book or propping your feet up and sipping a relaxing drink as you watch the world go by, you can turn your patio into a personal haven of rest. A comfortable lounge chair or hammock is a must. Add an outdoor fountain, and you can enjoy the soothing sound of trickling water while you relax.

Tall or bushy potted plants and trees will add privacy to your patio. Adding a few bird feeders and a birdbath will bring the sights and sounds of nature to your personal paradise. A potted butterfly bush will attract colorful butterflies to your patio, and potted lavender plants will keep your outdoor space smelling pleasant and sweet.

When you think beyond the concrete slab, you can design a patio you're passionate about. Whether you thrive on entertaining, prefer the quiet solitude of time alone, or enjoy growing your own fruits and vegetables, all things are possible when you unleash the potential of your patio.