Tips To Keep Your Yard Free Of Spring Pests

Spring has arrived, and with it a variety of different pests that can make your yard into their home. Most pests, especially insects, hibernate during the winter or die off, so you don't have to worry about them over the winter. But now that temperatures have begun to warm up, you can get a jump start on ridding them from your yard and your personal space. Here are some tips to help you get rid of some common pests in your backyard.

Clean Out Winter Clutter

In the springtime it is a great time to tackle spring cleaning, which can include clearing out dead vegetation, trash blown in from winter, and clutter in your yard from last fall. Clear out the piles of firewood, stored bags of leaves, or any other clutter to dislodge any pests that have made it their home over winter. Wasps, for example, can go into a winter hibernation and remain dormant until the temperatures warm up. Crevices within a pile of firewood can provide the perfect home for wintering wasps.

Prepare Landscaping

Trim back any shrubbery from around your home. This type of vegetation pressed against your home or just touching its exterior can help insects and other pests more easily find their way into your home through a crack or opening in a window or door seal. Additionally, you can create a barrier around your home void of vegetation, install a one-foot or wider border of gravel around your home's foundation wall. Be sure to kill any weed growth and don't allow grass or other vegetation to grow in this area.

Use an exterior silicone caulk to seal up any tiny openings on your home's exterior that could allow a pest or insect to enter your home. Look around your windows and doorways, and around the entryways of any electrical wiring. If you have had the cable company install a line into your home, for example, make sure any gap around its opening is caulked to seal it off to bugs.

Hire Professional Pest Control

A great way to control and eliminate many yard pests is with the services of a pest control professional. They can focus in on any specific types of pests you are dealing with in your yard to get rid of them. And if you have had problems in years past with grasshoppers, or crickets, for example, your pest control professional can focus on to treat any of their known hideouts and infestations areas of your yard.

If your yard has a mouse problem, you definitely don't want these critters entering your home. Your pest control specialist can use specific treatments to control and eliminate the problem in your yard and protect your home from infestation.