Texas Art Featuring Popular Home And Garden Themes

The American Southwest has a very rich history and is abundant with picturesque ideas, objects, and themes. If you like a lot of the various things that Texans use to decorate their homes, then you will probably have quite the affinity for Texas artwork. The following examples are just some of the objects commonly painted, portrayed, and displayed in Texas homes. 

The Yellow Rose of Texas

Both simultaneously symbolic of the state itself and of the famous song by the same name, paintings of wild yellow desert roses are very popular. The more realistic they look on canvas or in sculpture, the more people want them as a splash of color in their homes. They look best in a ladies' sitting room or in a conservatory where your breakfast table sits. 

Cattle Skulls

While some other people might find skulls of any kind rather morbid, in Southwestern states, these skulls are symbolic of the vast ranches that once raised and drove thousands of animals to market to feed everyone in the country. They are reminders of a bygone era, as well as Native American symbols of spiritual protection. Actual skulls are used to create three-dimensional wall sculptures, while paintings of these skulls (and other types of animal skulls) can be hung in every room of the house. From the powder room to the living room, it is nearly impossible not to enter a Texas home and not see a skull reference in art form. 

Tumbleweeds and Sprawling Ranches

Sprawling ranches are still around, but not to the extent that they used to be. Paintings depicting beautiful ranches and ranch lands often hang over a person's sofa in Texas. They are grand-sized sofa paintings, often covering the whole of the wall. Even for their size, there are still hundreds of tiny details and brush strokes hinting at colors all over the pictured land. Conversely, desert pictures with sparse greenery and tumbleweeds may also be part of the home's decor. It just depends on the tastes of the homeowner. 

Sun-Worn and Wearied Cowboys and Natives on Horseback

The Native American people that were in Texas before the white settlers came, along with the many cowboys that rode through the land, are common art themes in Texas art. These pieces of art look best in the den or in the "man cave" of the house. 

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