3 Factors To Help Design Energy-Efficient Drapes

Curtains are beneficial for a few reasons. Not only do they make the interior of your home more private, but they can also add style, color, and texture to your décor. Of course, the right curtains can also make your home more energy efficient, keeping your home's interior cooler in the summer and warm in the winter. With this guide, you will learn a few key factors to consider when designing energy-efficient curtains.


One of the most important factors to consider when choosing curtains is the fabric. You want to avoid lightweight or flimsy materials because the curtains will allow air to flow through with ease.

Instead, focus on curtains with durable fabrics that are heavy and thick. Velvet, tweed, tapestry, suede, and denim are all great examples to consider if you want the curtains to add a layer of insulation.

If you do prefer a lighter fabric, you can consider cotton or linen. These fabrics are not as dense as velvet, tweed, or suede, but they do provide a good amount of coverage and insulation.

Many people will choose a particular exterior fabric but ensure the curtain has extra layers of added insulation. Constructed out of 4 layers, insulated curtains will block cool air from coming through the windows into the home while also preventing heated air from escaping to the outdoors.


The color of your curtains can also be beneficial if you want to cover your windows in the most energy-efficient option possible.

The intense rays of the sun are not only bright, but also hot. The constant heat coming into your windows can make your home feel warmer in the summer, even though you are running your air conditioning systems. To block the high heat of the sun's rays, choose dark-colored curtains, such as grey, black, blue, or brown.

Length and Width

Finally, if your curtains are not designed to cover your window glass, they are not going to be energy-efficient. Of course, that does not necessarily mean you need to order standard drapery sizes.

Be sure to measure your window frames carefully, ensuring you have space for the curtain rods above the window frames so the drapes can hang properly. The material should hang over the window frames so the window glass can be completely covered when you want the window treatments closed.

Ask professionals, if necessary, to help you measure the windows and window frames to ensure you have the right length and width for the drapes. For more information, visit websites like https://www.houseofdraperyutah.com/.