Get These Features When You Buy a Vehicle Rooftop Tent

When you go camping, there are all sorts of different approaches that you can take. While a lot of people buy tents that they set up on the ground of their campsites, others prefer to rent an RV and enjoy the various types of comfort that it provides. Another option to consider is to buy a rooftop tent that you can mount onto your vehicle. Many manufacturers produce rooftop tents, so a visit to your local camping goods retailer may help you determine which tent will suit your needs. Budget and size are important factors to keep in mind, but you should also endeavor to buy a rooftop tent that offers these features.


As you compare different rooftop tents, pay attention to the window situation on each. Virtually all rooftop tents will have windows, but it's ideal to find a model in which the windows are large. This feature will allow a significant flow of air through the tent, which is ideal when you're camping in warm conditions. You should also look for a tent that has skylight-style windows in the ceiling, as these openings will allow you to enjoy the night sky as you drift off to sleep, as well as provide extra ventilation.

A Thick Mattress

Tents that you erect on the ground are seldom equipped with built-in mattresses, but you'll often find that mattresses are the norm when you're evaluating rooftop tents. It's important to realize that there can be a significant discrepancy in the thickness — and thus the comfort level — of mattresses in different tents, however. Getting a restful sleep when you're camping is important, as it will give you the energy to enjoy a wide range of activities during the day. Look for a tent that offers a thick mattress, as it will be instrumental in helping you to sleep well.

Built-In Pockets

When you go camping, you'll typically have an assortment of personal items that you want to keep handy. As such, it's ideal to find a rooftop tent that has a number of built-in pockets. The presence of pockets will allow you to keep your possessions neatly organized so that they're easy to retrieve — something that is especially handy in the dark. Multiple pockets are especially valuable if you're buying a tent that sleeps two people, as you'll each be able to use dedicated spaces for your personal items.

To learn more, visit a vehicle rooftop tent supplier near you.