Cat Messed Up Your Window Blinds? Types Of Window Treatments You Can Replace Them With

If your cat likes to play at the window and has put scratches or holes on your window blinds, this can be an eyesore. When you start shopping for something to replace the blinds with, you will find you have many options to choose from. To help you out, below are types window treatments so you can decide what you would work best for your home. Thermal Blinds Thermal blinds are made to block heat and sunlight from entering your home.

Three Options For Creating Shade Over Your Backyard Patio

Being able to sit outdoors and enjoy some fresh air can be very relaxing after a hard day at work. The only problem with sitting out on a patio is that you are often sitting in the hot sun. A great way to be able to enjoy rest and relaxation on your outdoor patio is to add a cover to it. Here are a few covers to consider for your backyard patio.

Get The Most From Your Faucet - Advantages Of Utilizing A Water Softener

Many people view the water that flows out of their faucet as a source of clean refreshment and a useful tool for maintaining their home. Unfortunately, that water may be its own home to contaminants, irritants, and other nasty things that could threaten damage if the water is used as you intend it to be. Luckily, there are many home products that are specifically designed to minimize the potential negative effects of your home's tap water.

Mistakes To Avoid If You Discover Bed Bugs In Your Home

The term "bed bugs" conjures up some uncomfortable feelings for most people. Even if you've never experienced bed bugs before, you have likely heard horror stories about infestations at hotels and residences. Unfortunately, a bed bug infestation can occur anywhere and at just about any time--even in the seemingly cleanest of homes. If you spot bed bugs in your home, it's vital that you avoid some common mistakes. Not Buying a Mattress Cover Immediately

Time For New Shutters? Do Something Clever And Cool With The Old Ones

If new shutters are in your home's future, do something clever and useful with the old wood shutters. Remove the hardware and re-purpose the shutter in ways that can be displayed around your home. Some cool ways to reuse and recycle your old shutters are: Storage ideas. Make a cute corner-cubby using two old wood shutters and by connecting them at a 90-degree angle with brackets or hardware. This should allow the unit to stand upright and fit in a corner of your room; measure and cut plywood or scrap wood to make shelves for the corner unit.